Digital Wallet / Mobile App

The Pocket App is a mobile application that supports a Hyperledger Indy identity and wallet, and can accept credentials validated and issued by Pocket Core.  It can also accept other vendors’ credentials if they issue credentials via did:key.  However, the app can only properly display credentials using Pocket schemas or an OBv3 type that has an existing Pocket equivalent schema.  

The Pocket App provides a seamless user experience for the creation of your identity, wallet, and then connecting to your participating organizations.

Pocket also presents your credentials in very user-friendly ways, mirroring normal personal data presentation models, and providing additional rich data around your credentials drawn from the Pocket Strata Service.  For example, you don’t only see that you completed a class with a particular grade, but you can access the description and instructor, connect with classmates, view your completed coursework as related credentials, and view skills that may have also been issued to you in the context of completing the class.

Finally, the Pocket App can be used to create secure connections with other Pocket users and to share your credentials with viewers and verifiers.  Pocket users can also request the proofs for publicly shared credentials.

The Pocket App utilizes the cloud storage platform of the user’s choosing to save coursework and asset files, as well as backups of the wallet.

The Pocket App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Pocket App at a glance:

  • A smart device app for iOS and Android
  • Creates wallet, accepts and stores issued credentials
  • Automated connection to institutions using an organization’s public connection QR code
  • Automatically receives all educational and other records as verifiable credential offers once connected
  • Manage and view all your credentials using fit-to-purpose user experience for every Pocket credential schema
  • View credential reports and analytical tools
  • Connect to other Pocket users and share your credentials
  • Cloud storage of files and backups

Documentation for the Pocket Mobile app limited Alpha can be found here.