Pocket Core

Pocket core is a collection of services that creates digital identities (stored on the blockchain) and issues verifiable credentials to the user’s wallet.  Additionally, it manages all messaging between identities using a protocol known as DIDComm.

Through the onboarding process, a user creates their digital identity, known as a self-sovereign identity (SSI), along with their digital wallet, then connects their distributed identity (DID) to their selected organizations via a public invitation QR code. 

Once connected to the institution, the Pocket Strata integration evaluates what credentials the user is entitled to receive and instructs Pocket core to issue verifiable credentials — identity and affiliations, course enrollments and completions and other credentials  — to the user. 

The Pocket core utilizes Hyperledger Indy via the Hyperledger Aries library for identity, issuance/revocation and the wallet.  Our verifiable credential format is JSON-LD with BBS+ signatures, and the core database uses RDS / Amazon AWS.

Pocket core functionality at a glance:

  • Creates identities and connections
  • Issues and revokes credentials 
  • Handles all messaging
  • Core technology is Hyperledger Aries and Indy for SSI and wallet
  • Verifiable credentials are JSON-LD/BBS+

Pocket core does NOT contain any business logic, and schemas are stored on external, public URIs.