Verifiable Credentials and Digital Wallets

The technology and standards leveraged by Pocket to issue and save educational and other records are known as Verifiable Credentials, or VCs.  Cryptographically signed, VCs are files that are issued by institutions via Pocket servers to users.  VCs are “bound,” e.g. associated, to the user via their identity (DID key).  They are also immutable and non-transferable, though they can be set to expire or to be revoked.

VCs are securely stored in the Pocket wallet, which is currently created and managed by the Pocket App, available for Android and iOS devices.  

Pocket uses VCs not only to issue educational records, but to define your identity; to capture your skills, achievements, and experiences; and to create portfolios and profiles.

Both VCs and the wallet follow the WC3 data model and wallet specs, within the confines of what is supported by the Hyperledger Aries library, which is the platform currently utilized by Pocket to support identity and issuance.